I am Ida Norberg, 29 years old. I am originally from Lomselenas, a small village in the north of Sweden. Since a few years I am living in The Netherlands because I found the love of my life there.

As a little girl I already loved photography and used to secretly take the camera of my mother to make photographs of our two family dogs. I lost myself in the world of making pictures and before I knew I it would've gone through countless of rolls of film. Since that moment I’ve continuously been exploring the different genres of photography.

My passion for pet photography arose when I got my first cat, Muppet. I have translated his playful, exploring and loving character into beautiful photo memories. Then the idea to make my photography available to others came to be so I could also give them such beautiful memories. From that point I have been developing my talent by frequently photographing not only cats and dogs, but also horses, bunnies and countless of other animals.

I am continuously looking to develop my knowledge and skills in photography. Because of this, I spend a great amount of time reading tutorials and following workshops.

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